Alphonsus Keogh

Alphonsus Keogh

Plaats: Elsene
Leeftijd: 64

I believe strongly in the Mission of CliniClowns. Bringing fun and happiness to children in need is something I find very compelling. It demands personal involvement and interaction and is rewarding to everyone involved. Humor is a free and underused resource and its direct and personal. In today's hi-tech environment, where medicine can sometimes be impersonal, that cannot be underestimated.It can have a great effect on making life better and more enjoyable for those weighed down by illness. Therefore I am happy to be part of this.

Met het huidige bedrag laat Cliniclowns 143 zieke kinderen weer even lachen. (€ 2154)

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3-04-2018 Livia Musso You can do it! € 107.00
5-04-2018 David Hopley Remember, save the Guinness until the end! € 500.00
17-04-2018 Michelle Brailsford Use that levity to float over the finish line! € 250.00
18-04-2018 Mike, Monika, Viggo + Pablo Break a leg! € 100.00
19-04-2018 ann van de Perre Since I\'ve met you , You made me smile. You are the best professional \"clown\" coach ever € 250.00
16-05-2018 Tom Denyard Awesome Mr K - let the mileage begin...... € 100.00
18-05-2018 Peter Soer Go for it Alph € 20.00
7-06-2018 Nicolai Vinge Enjoy the effort and making a difference. € 50.00
14-09-2018 Matthias Malessa run 4 good Alph! € 200.00
28-09-2018 Jessica Austin Alph, I didn\\\'t believe it at first but you\\\'re really going for it! So inspiring. € 100.00
2-10-2018 Anoniem € 42.19
19-10-2018 Anny May the force be with you x € 50.00
21-10-2018 Anoniem € 100.00
22-10-2018 Konrad Fassnacht Great initiative. Thanks, Alph. € 50.00
31-10-2018 Ingrid Good luck Alph € 10.00
1-11-2018 Sandro Sinigaglia Go go Alph, you rock € 100.00
1-11-2018 Kate Pohl Give my regards to my City! And good luck for a great cause!! € 25.00

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